Sunburned! :)

26/05/2012 15:09

Well the weather has been amazing.  It is impossible to update without mentioning that our lovely HOT weather continues. (My wife just said, "You know it's hot when your washed clothes dry (including sweat shirts) in four hours." They also are hot like they just came out of the dryer! AMAZING. Point of interest: most people air dry their clothes here.)

Kay Lee was my door to door partner this morning.  The Lord gave us two good opportunities.  Hugh (82) talked with us for about 15 minutes as we showed him some verses in the Bible.  Marjorie also let us show her many verses from God's Word.  It seems possible that she could visit our church.  Please pray that she would.

It was our family and the Hikins on Thursday night.  Michael was home sick.  Please pray for his recovery. 

Last night the kids had a water fight on our deck.  I'll include some pics below.  Thanks for your prayers!