Sunday and Monday

17/01/2022 11:31

God gave us a good Sunday. Our attendance continues to be impacted by health. However, God gave us a really good day for those who were able to be there. I preached yesterday morning on, "Follow Jesus" from Exodus 23:20-33. Israel had Jesus (preincarnate) guiding them through the wilderness. 

For anyone who was following our Sunday School lessons on the Life of David, I apologise for missing uploading the last two lessons. We forgot to record last week. This week we recorded and I deleted it before saving it to my computer. So, Lord willing, we will get that recorded again. We're kind of rusty after our covid break.

I enjoyed getting out with two flyers this morning in a large village not far from our church. I had one brief witnessing opportunity.

I have not yet heard back from the planning department regarding the suitability of the property we have found. Lord willing, they will get back to me soon. Thank you for your prayers.