Sunday Morning

22/04/2012 14:56

Well, I feel like I went to church without my right hand, but the Lord gave us a good day. (Nelson's fever was 103 this morning, so Katie needed to stay with him.)  The kids did a good job helping set up.  We watched a film for Sunday School, Incredible Creatures III.  It was good.  

Michael was back with us.  He did a diligent job on his first discipleship lesson. We are using Dr. Ed Nelson's, Growing in Grace.  He said that he would be back tonight.  Please pray for Michael as he learns God's Word.

Josh was a first time visitor.  We had planned for him to join us for lunch. Because of the illness, I went out to eat with him and enjoyed our time of fellowship.  Please pray for God's perfect plan for he and his family. His family will join him up here in a few months.

Adele and the Hikins were also present for Sunday School.  Timothy and Alec joined us for the morning service.

I preached on the Man of Faith from Luke 7:1-10.  There was a great spirit in the service and the Lord worked in our hearts.

Tonight we are looking at what the Bible says about our, "God of Comfort."  Thanks for praying.