Sunday School and Church

16/11/2020 10:55

God gave us an exciting night as we had two visitors last night. Please pray for the man who attended who is a good friend of our church treasurer. He recently found out that he has terminal cancer. A couple weeks ago he prayed to ask Jesus into his heart. Please pray for his health physically and growth spiritually. Please pray for grace for his wife and their family as well.

Our church children did much better last night in being under control. This is an answer to prayer as we want them to be able to have fun and learn the Bible. Please pray for them as several need to be saved.

I enjoyed preaching a message last night on "God's House" from 2 Chronicles 7:1-11. That text is what happened after Solomon dedicated the temple. It is what we desire God to do  in our church. ie - His manifest presence, His glory to be seen, our hearts to be stirred, our service to be given, a place well congregated and a place of refreshment. 

Thank you for praying for God's work in our church and ministry area.