23/12/2013 10:05

We enjoyed seeing some wintry showers yesterday. Unfortunately the temps at our altitude are a bit too warm yet. The Pentland hills near us received a pretty coat of snow which I enjoyed seeing as I walked this morning.

God gave us a good day yesterday. It wasn't record attendance but there was a sweet spirit and it was good attendance. I'm very thankful for those God has brought into our ministry.

It was good to have Mark Hikin with us last night. They discharged him from the hospital yesterday. He has still got a complicated health need. Please pray for God's continued healing and protection.

The weather is going to get interesting again tomorrow. We've had one storm after another recently. They are calling for storm force winds tomorrow. So, we will see how that affects our service tomorrow night. How's that Christmas song go? "Outside the winds are blowing and friends are bawling, "boo hoo." ....something like that... :) I'd rather sing the other version.