Sunny Loanhead....

27/09/2015 12:42

Autumn is a lovely time of year in Scotland. It seems we get a lot more sunshine this time of year. We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day today. 

Mac is doing a bit better in church and life. :) Thanks for praying. We'd appreciate your continued prayers for him but I wanted to give you that update.

We had a good morning. I preached this morning on "Can't Keep It or Can't Lose It" from Matthew 6:19-34. I am finding the Sermon on the Mount to be of great personal benefit as I'm preparing and preaching through it.

Yesterday Parker was my soul winning partner. God gave us one good conversation. It's not an easy day to do soul winning. Not only are people steeped in unbelief, they are steeped in disinterest. They don't every think about eternity or contemplate the fact that they "could" be wrong. Please pray for God to awaken hearts.

Thanks for praying for us. God gave us an encouraging morning.