19/05/2012 20:18

We are enjoying the sunshine tonight after nearly a week of clouds and many days of rain!  It looks like we are going to get a good week.

We enjoyed meeting the Vogelpohl's today at Blackness Castle.  The Covenanters held this castle in 1651 until Cromwell and his troops took it away from them. There were people in costume today with muskets and cannon fire.  It was fun but cold!

The Lord gave us some good visits this evening.  Please continue to pray for Jordan and his family. Please also pray for Dione.  We haven't seen these two at church recently. We took our kids to Ikea for ice cream afterwards and met a lady from Kazakhstan. She is Muslim.  She said two Methodist ladies have been coming by her home.  Please pray that she'll look at our website and start reading a Bible. I gave her our newest flyer.

I didn't update for Thursday night but the Lord gave us a good service.  We had Michael, Skye and the Hikins present.  Michael makes sweeties *candies at work and he brought a grocery bag full for the kids.  The kind they make are similar to a really big jolly rancher. So, we gave some of those away this evening as we visited homes.  Thanks for your prayers.  I trust the Lord will give you a great Lord's day tomorrow.