Talking to people in Edinburgh

01/05/2017 13:00

It was a very nice morning to head into Edinburgh and seek one on one opportunities to share the Gospel. The Lord gave me a handful of opportunities. One good opportunity was with Jimmy who moved to Scotland from England to get a fresh start on life. He has a friend who is born again and has seen a great change in her life. We spoke for about 15 minutes.

One of the best opportunities was with a college age young man from Brazil. Lucas has left Brazil because of the political upheaval currently taking place. He was sitting in front of a shop sipping a drink and reading poetry. He is studying literature and enjoys writing. He had an incredible ability to listen and allowed me to fully introduce him to the Gospel.

Please pray for both of these men to read the Gospel of John and Romans that I left with them. Please also pray for a middle aged woman who is an atheist. I spoke with her for over 20 minutes and told her, "I'm trying hard because I really don't want you to go to Hell." Please pray that God will awaken her heart to the absolute truth of His existence.

God's good. Please pray for His continued intervention in our work and ministry. We need Holy Ghost power here. Thank you for your prayers.