Technological advancement in progress....

27/10/2019 13:13

We thank the Lord for His help and guidance as we step into previously uncharted waters in our ministry. For the first time today we recorded our service by video. I've not yet edited the beginning of the video and so I have not yet uploaded it to sermon audio. We're appreciate your prayers as we begin this venture. We're praying about live streaming the morning service in the future.

Our attendance was very good this morning and as is very normal in our church there was a great spirit in our fellowship. I preached this morning on Acts 13 on "Short Pithy Statements" from that text. There are several gripping and thought provoking statements in that chapter of God's Word. The link above is to the sermon audio. Lord willing, I will put a separate link  here, once I upload the video.

We appreciate your prayers for our family and ministry.