Thank you for praying for our day.

12/08/2018 21:52

God gave me a good voice today and I feel pretty well back to normal. That is a big praise as I thought my voice could be very weak today after a few days of chest congestion. I also had 4 preaching opportunities today. So.... thank you very much for your prayers. God was good to help us with a very busy day after a very busy week.

It was an unusually high attendance day. We had to add a row of chairs in the back during the morning service. I enjoyed preaching on Psalm 66:16-20, "From the Prayer of Man to the Answer of God." It was a message on prayer but also specifically the prayer of salvation. Please pray for those that heard the message that need to be saved.

The young man who visited with him mom gave us some great news this weekend. His mum shared with us yesterday how he came downstairs crying Friday night. He was talking about how he heard how Jesus was whipped for his sin and that he had asked God to be saved. Please pray for this young family. His dad is not yet a believer but his mum was saved about 5 years ago.