Thanks for praying for the Ladies' Afternoon Tea

27/05/2018 20:12

God blessed the ladies' afternoon tea yesterday. Thank you for your part in intercession. The attendance was good. The program went well. The food was good. (Or so I hear as I wasn't there....) So, we're thankful to the Lord for His evident blessing on the day.

God gave us some encouragement tonight as a couple of our missing neighborhood children were back in attendance. Please pray that the kids will all start coming again.

I preached this morning a message from Esther 4 entitled, "Why Don't You Fast?" Jesus said, "When ye fast...." not "if ye fast." We are living in a tough day but God has given us a weapon with which to fight. "This kind goeth not forth but by prayer and fasting." God spoke to my heart and I'm reminded that I have another area in my life that needs God's gracious development. Thanks for praying for our  ministry.