Thanks for praying for utilities

20/03/2023 20:54

Thankfully, the utility situation is resolved. We appreciate your prayers. This was always going to be interesting with this property and we're thankful for God's help in overcoming this hurdle.

Also, we have some works planned for our church building. A contractor will be replacing our flat roof and some other improvements to that roof including insulation. We're also going to have an electrician doing some work on the property. Please pray for good weather this Saturday as our church is doing a work day. We've got some painting plans inside and out (fencing.) Wall paper is also to be removed.  

The Lord provided a good deal on 5 large planters which will look nice in front of the church. We're also putting up some signage. So, things are happening!

Tomorrow is a day of prayer in Blair Atholl with some minister friends. It's always a refreshing time and I am looking forward to it. We have canceled it two weeks in a row due to bad weather. Thankfully, we have the all clear for tomorrow. Your prayers for God's blessing are appreciated.