The angels are singing again!

21/05/2023 14:51

God has given us a great weekend of ministry. The Ladies Afternoon Tea was very well attended. We had a handful of first time visitors for our area for which we thank the Lord. The program, the food, the atmosphere was enjoyed by all and we are truly grateful to God for His goodness. 

This morning (Sunday) was a slow start to the day, but gradually we had good attendance. We also had the joy of seeing a person saved after our morning service. WE THANK THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS AND THAT WE WERE IN OUR PLACE SERVING GOD AND ABLE TO MEET SOMEONE'S NEED.

I preached this morning on, "If any man be in Christ." Our 3 considerations were, You must be IN CHRIST. You CAN be in Christ. You MAY NOT be in Christ. God has saved three souls in our church property thus far and we praise Him for this acceptional token of His blessing upon this facility.

As we enter this next week, we need wisdom about future projects. A family from the States is planning to be with us for most of this next month to help out with some of these needs. However, their passports are currently held up and they need them to travel. Please pray for them to receive these in the very near future and for grace for everything God would have them to do in their time with us. It will be a vacation time for them as well as a working mission trip. These are good friends of ours and we trust God will work out the details for their coming. Thank you for praying for all the happenings in our ministry and family. Kay Lee and Benson are now safely back with us. Kay Lee will leave in about a week and a half for a 5 week mission trip to Italy. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Below: Mac was the youngest waiter yesterday.