The angels are singing again!

23/04/2024 16:42

God has again blessed us with the opportunity to help someone come to faith in Jesus Christ. Praise God for the power of the Gospel to set men free from their sin and give them God's gift of everlasting life. They have been faithfully attending church. Please pray for this couple to grow in grace and in the knowledge of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Our family is in countdown mode for our departure. Today we are packing up as our replacements (Pastor James Seacrest and his wife, Joyce) arrive at our home tomorrow. It will be fun having a few days to introduce them to our people and ministry. Our departure is Monday morning.

Since I gave a numeric update on Sunday AM, let me further express God's goodness on Sunday. Sunday night was also well attended and we were blessed by Pastor Clough's challenge from God's Word. He shared verses that show scientific foresight. It encouraged our faith. (The circle of the earth, paths in the seas, hangeth the earth on nothing, etc.) We had 6 adults out who were not with us in the morning service but who are a part of our church family. Many who were out in the AM were back Sunday night. So, praise the Lord!

We continue to work on the property. We're trying to get the sound room ready for equipment this Saturday. The skirting boards (trim) were cut yesterday. I also dropped our recently acquired antique pulpit off for refurbishments. Lord willing, I am going to put down a carpet tile floor this evening. We hope to hang speakers and be ready for the wiring to be attached this weekend.

I also spoke to a company called baptistry UK. They gave us a quote on finishing the baptistry. We're speaking with them to see what we can do to keep those costs down. Please pray for wisdom and God's provision as needed.