The Ausi

11/04/2013 13:33

Dan was a great blessing to our family. He is a mature young man with a genuine heart for the Lord. It was a joy to have him in our home and to get to show him some of our area. 

Dan went with me yesterday to St. Andrews and Burntisland. On the way we visited Jeff Smith. Please continue to pray for Jeff's medical need. His brain tumor is back and surgery is not an option. They have an MRI tomorrow that will give them insight into what is taking place. They have a sweet testimony in this trial and I know that they value your prayers.

St. Andrews has a rich church history. George Wishart and Patrick Hamilton died for their faith there.  John Knox was called to preach there. The castle became the first protestant congregation in Scotland as they killed the cardinal who killed George Wishart.  

Burntisland Parish church was our destination on the way home. It was at this church that King James and other men decided to start a new translation of the Bible into English. We were unable to enter the church grounds or church but it was neat to see where the burden for the KJV translation was born.

God gave Dan and I an awesome divine appointment last night with a young man in the community. We met him as we returned from a walk over to our church meeting place. We talked for 45 minutes showing Scripture after Scripture on my phone. God used the new flyer to encourage him in the fact that God's Word is God given. We didn't get back to the house until 11:30. Please pray for God's continued work in this young man's heart. (He remembers me from an indirect meeting a year and a half ago.) God is at work there.