The beginning of the week.

30/01/2023 19:38

The Lord gave us a good Sunday. We are anxious to get into our new property, but are content to wait on God's timing. We're getting close. Lord willing, we'll be in it before our evangelistic meetings which start in less than 2 weeks.

I preached yesterday on our privilige to speak for God as His ambassadors to a sinful world. It's amazing what God's grace has allowed in our lives that we could have such a privilige.

This morning I put out the open letter in a community near to us. I enjoyed a couple really good conversations. Interestingly, both people I spoke with have been protesting the transgender legislation that has come through the Scottish parliament. The one man was 80 years old and single his whole life. He was protesting to stand up for women's rights. These are indeed interesting days.

We are doing things in preparation for our new location. We had a graphic designer put together a logo and some graphics for church branding. I have a Christian builder who's crew is hopefully going to do the renovations on our building. We've printed 10k flyers identifying our new location. We're working on insurance, etc. Please pray for us to have wisdom as we make a lot of decision in the next few weeks. Thanks for your prayers.

PS. Scotland can be calm at times. I snapped these pics on a recent family walk near our home. Tomorrow we are supposed to get winds up to 60 mph. However, some areas are going to possible hit 80 mph winds.