The cat lady :)

04/12/2017 12:05

I got out in a nearby village this morning and put flyers out for a couple of hours. I was challenged by the preaching of Pastor Doug Jackson. God's blessed him with the ability to put you in stitches and put you in tears. I fumbled with a couple mailslots because I had tears in my eyes as he preached on soul winning. I'm sure at other times people (if looking from inside their homes) wondered why I had such a big smile on my face. Please pray for God to keep our hearts hot for evangelism.

I had to take my ear buds out to speak with a lady about the Lord. She missed her bus which allowed us to have an extended conversation. She is a member at a local church that is liberal. She has a belief in God but it is empty because it has no foundation upon the Word of God. (ie. She believes some things the Bible says but not everything.) She is envious of my firm faith in God's Word. Please pray that she will see that she can have it for herself. I told her of some Christian neighbors that I know who live near her. Perhaps they will have a future opportunity with the cat lady. (She's taken up rescuing all the stray cats in her village.)

The ladies' are excited about the Christmas meeting tonight. Thanks for praying.