The day a bird came to church....

24/07/2022 13:01

When I was growing up, we had a bird called, "ugly bird." It had plucked out it's feathers. The reason we had that bird is because a parent sent it to church with their child and said not to bring it back. We had a bird come to church twice this morning, but thankfully it departed the same way it came. We don't have screens on open doors or windows and it was warm and so our feathered friend took advantage of it. It was a swallow and had a tight turning radius so thankfully the excitement was over as soon as it started.

God gave us a good time in His Word this morning. in Sunday School we finished our consideration of being a dynamic Christian (spiritual power.) In the morning service, I preached on obtaining your God given potential from Psalm 81. Please pray for God to do a great work in the individuals and families who make up our church. We're thankful for each one.

Tonight at 4:00 we are going to do church outreach and invite children to our HBC (1-6 August.)

Thanks for your prayers.