The day our fence blew over....

30/01/2022 13:06

Yesterday was extremely windy. 100 meters from our home is a row of pines that line a golf course. 7 of them ended up in the road making it impassible. (I love weather and so it was an exciting day for me.) I said to my family the night before that the fence between us and the neighbour was going to go.... and it did. I don't claim any prophetic abilities :) but it did come true.

Meanwhile, that was yesterday. Today there is another named storm and it is going to arrive about the time of our evening service. So, this could be an interesting night. It's not too unusual.... it is Scotland. We get high winds frequently and we are definitely into that weather pattern just now.

God gave us a interesting week. I put flyers out with Tommy on Tuesday and with Don Dillman in Livingston on Wednesday. The "most" interesting part of the week was Katie exiting church Wednesday night and stepping into a pothole. Thankfully her ankle was sprained and not broken. She is on the mend and getting around pretty well now. We are realizing that we need to be even "more thankful" for our health.

We had a good morning despite low attendance. I enjoyed preaching on Psalm 141, "My Prayer." (currently uploading) David needed God's help and he knew how to get it.

Next Sunday, I get to fill in for the Dillmans in the afternoon and would appreciate your prayers for God to give us a good Lord's day. Thank you for keeping up with what is going on her and for praying for our ministry.