The finish line.

15/08/2014 21:26

We made it. Praise the Lord for a great week. Our workers were faithful every day to help any way necessary to make a great week. The kids had a great spirit and participated well. We had right at 30 different children this week. 

I want to say a special thank you to my wife who worked really hard to make this week happen. She also carried the responsibility of the Bible lessons this week and did a wonderful job.

Last night went well. We didn't have visitors - BUT, we had a lot of fun with our church people. The Lord really gave liberty in sharing the message about His blueprints for eternal life from John 3:16.

Pastor Crowder came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and is doing much better today. He's now been fever free for over 24 hours. Please pray for God to build his strength back up quickly.

We are now 4 days away from returning to the States. Please pray that God will help us with all  the little details that go into this transition. Please also pray for our church and the Crowders as they transition as well.