The finish line....

04/06/2015 11:23

Well, we have crossed the finish lines of the meetings. But, we trust that the blessing from these days will continue for many days to come. God met with us and encouraged us. Evangelist Van Gelderen preached last night on Galatians 2:16, "Justified in God's Sight." Our attendance was lower last night. But, God gave us a great meeting. We've very much benefited from the ministry of John and Mary Lynn Van Gelderen. Please pray for them as they conclude this week with ministry in Spain.

Tonight we get back to our parenting class. There are a couple parents who have indicated an interest in this class. At least one of those parents has told us that they will be there tonight. We are doing a study of a book called, "Passionate Parenting." It's been very helpful and we are benefitting from the insight of this pastor. Please pray for me as I teach this class. Please also pray for Katie as she teaches our Kid's Club.