The first day of the week....

19/11/2017 13:02

It was a joy to be in church this morning. God gave us good attendance of our faithful folks. Our visitor and her daughter were not there. However, the mother let us know by text that the daughter was ill. The mum has expressed great delight in attending and we anticipate that they will keep coming.

I preached this morning a continuation of my message from last Sunday morning on Supporting the King's Work from I Chronicles 29:1-14. Last week we had looked at supporting His work with all our might, heart, soul and spirit. Today we answered the "why?" question as I preached on supporting the King's work with all your mind. Supporting the king's work is very reasonable and David shared those truths towards the end of this passage.

God was gracious after a busy week to give me good study time. Thank you for praying for us. Please pray expecially for a funeral this coming Saturday for a lady from the Trust. I've met with the family and will be preaching her funeral. We appreciate your prayers.


(Below are more photo's of the progress on the house. We painted the hall way and downstairs water closet. We also put in the floor trim.)