The first day of the week....

30/09/2018 13:35

It is a blessing to give God the first part of the week and to get to spend time with each other in the House of God. God gave us a very good morning. Our attendace was good today and God blessed our services. I preached a message this morning from Jeremiah 38 on "The Terms o f Surrender." God is at the table for anyone who wants conditions of peace with him. King Zedekiah could have chosen life, but he chose death. The prophet pleaded with him to accept God's terms but he would not. Thank you for your prayers.

We appreciate your prayers for our evening service as well. We've just begun a study of Proverbs. Tonight we be our second lesson as we seek to go through the Book.

We have a big event this Saturday and would appreciate your prayers for Jamie and Rebekah's wedding. We will be having the ceremony in a community located on the Firth of Forth in Fife. (smiling) I hope you were reading outloud when you got to that part.

God has blessed in the preparations thus far and I know Jamie and Rebekah would appreciate your prayers for their wedding and marriage. It's a joy to see a young couple get married who are both following the Lord.