The flyer is here.

14/05/2017 13:00

The flyer arrived very quickly and got in on Friday. So, Lord willing, we will begin to put this flyer out in our area soon. We had a church flyer distribution scheduled in Edinburgh for Saturday but cancelled because of the weather. We've rescheduled for this Saturday, weather permitting.

The leadership class in SS is going well. We finished lesson three of a four part series today as we looked at the responsabilities of leadership. 

This morning I preached on the flawed canvases that the master can use as we looked at Mark 10, "God used them, He'll use you." God doesn't need a fancy canvas, just a clean one. Mark 10 shows us a number of flaws of the disciples and yet God had a great plan for their lives. 

Now, we are getting ready to head to the Trust for an afternoon service there. God has given us a good day. Thank you for praying.