The Hand of God

07/05/2022 12:41

I love times in ministry where God reveals his hand. He did that this morning and I hope you can see it. The politician to whom I wrote the PS which I have now made into the, "Open Letter to Government" was re-elected by a very small margin. The results came in yesterday.

We knocked on doors this morning in a new area just a few hundred meters from our church location. We only spoke with two people as most were not home and then the rain set in. Imagine our surprise as the politician mentioned above opened the door to their home. I didn't realise they had moved from a village a few miles away. 

Now, to show the hand of God, we are currently in an evangelistic outreach right now because of an email I sent to this politician. We have printed 10k flyers. I'm preaching on the open letter this Sunday. And God had me knock on this politician's door this morning. Can you see the hand of God in that?

Please pray for the power of God upon this open letter. We had an unusual prayer meeting on Wednesday night. Instead of preaching my class went to prayer. We finished at 9:00 PM having spent over an hour and a half in prayer. Please pray with us for the power of God. A church building is secondary. Our primary desire is to see the power of God open the hearts of people in our community.

Link to the open letter on our church website.