The Journey Channel

06/06/2020 11:42

Katie worked hard this past week uploading and editing The Journey onto a new channel on Youtube. Our desire is to make these videos available to churches or individuals as an evangelistic tool. The channel does not have our details, but is simply a place where people can be directed to hear the Gospel.

We've put at the end of each video a statement which says, "Questions: Please contact your journey helper or"  The idea is that a church or individual can put out literature with their contact details as the "journey helper." 

If you or your church desire to use it, you don't need to contact us for permission. However, if you have questions about how to use it, please let me know. Some ideas....

    1) It can be linked to church or individual webpages.

    2) It can be posted to facebook. It can be boosted as an add on facebook with your church.

    3) Videos can be downloaded and posted without credits.

Please pray for God's blessing on this project. If one church or individual benefits by having another evangelistic tool, it's all worth the effort. If enough people access these videos it could become a good evangelistic tool just on Youtube for people searching for truth.

I would appreciate your continued prayers as we develop these videos and tools.