the journey

01/06/2020 15:20

Today has been a project day. I had thought about trying to get into Edinburgh to pass out flyers. Our lockdown has just eased a little bit, but I'm uncertain what response from people and police I will receive. Rather than hand out flyers today, I wrote a flyer and Katie designed a logo for the flyer.

The flyer is an invitation to view, "the journey" by QR code or by looking up our church on facebook or Sermonaudio. We've ordered 5,000 flyers and look forward to getting them out in our area. We continue to see our following increase on facebook. Right now we have 279 followers. We are also seeing good activity on our boosted posts that show up in people's facebook feed.

Please pray for God's continued blessing and guidance on this evangelistic push. We're very thankful for His grace and guidance in this effort.