The learning curve is still high....

17/05/2020 09:50

We've seen a lot of graphs lately as we have followed the virus. The curve of the learning graph has been steep and we're thankful for your prayers.  One of the things we learned is that our DVD play can play multiple formats. However, those who received our dvd's didn't have our dvd player. :) We then realized that we had to format the discs differently. We're thankful to have that "education" in our bag and know that we are going to learn more as we go along.

We continue to see encouraging things online. Many missionaries are seeing a larger audience viewing their preaching and teaching. Please pray that there will be lasting fruit from these labours. 

Along those lines, here are some of our endeavours this week.

Benson, Kay Lee and I recorded John's Newton's famous hymn, Amazing Grace this week. (Facebook link)

Katie has her Sunday School Class on facebook.

For our Sunday AM I preached a message on 2 Corinthians 12, Paul Revealed.

I also just recorded, "The Journey (#8) - Saving Faith." (The link is facebook, but they are also on sermon audio.)

We know that God is helping us in answer to your prayers. Thank you for your prayer support in all of these endeavours.