The Lord's Day

29/09/2013 21:09

The Lord gave us a great day today. We had good attendance and there was a sweet spirit in our services. One family was still out with illness today. But, they were the last to get it. :(  Lord willing, we will be beyond the illness soon.

I preached a topical message this morning on, "Don't Quit."  Tonight we studied the beginning of the Gospel to the Gentiles from Acts 10.

J___________________ and his girlfriend were not in church today. His father is not doing well. I talked with him yesterday and he was at the hospital with his mum. So, please continue to pray for him.

Another specific prayer request, a young family who have begun attending our church must move house in the next couple of weeks. It would be ideal if they could stay in the area. I have told this mother that we are praying for God's provision. Please pray with us for this need. Thanks for taking these needs to the Lord.