The Man Who WAS Lost

19/02/2017 12:45

I enjoyed preaching a Gospel message about a lost man this morning whom Jesus found. I preached on Zacchaeus from Luke 19. It is a great passage to remember that we need to be aware of divine appointments that we take them when God gives them. Men like Zacchaeus are depending upon us to be in tune with God's Spirit and aware of the souls of those about us.

The Lord gave Parker and I two really good divine appointments yesterday as we knocked on doors. I was suprised to have one lady say, "I don't go to church. But, I'm a born again Christian." She had gone to hear a Pentecostal woman preacher 13 years ago and had accepted the Lord at that time. She still watches this woman (whom you'll likely guess) on television. Please pray that God would encourage her to visit our church. 

We had a good morning with a bit lower attendance. Thank you for praying for Free Baptist Church. Tonight after our Bible study on John, we have our annual general meeting. Please pray for God's blessing on our meeting and that we would make some good decisions for the Lord.