The Olympic Flame

14/06/2012 10:39

Well, we had a once in a lifetime experience this morning as the Olympic Flame Relay passed within 100 feet of our home. London is hosting the 2012 Olympics and the flame has travelled throughout the United Kingdom.  We enjoyed seeing it. I'll put some pictures below.

The Lord gave us a divine appointment yesterday as we had a picnic on Calton Hill in Edinburgh.  Sanjo (sp.) is from Japan. He is 22 years old and will be completing his last year of studies in Glasgow next year.  His family worships idols that have "spirits" in them.  I don't think anyone has ever explained Christianity to him before.  We talked for close to 20 minutes. I took a picture of him with my kids on his camera.  Hopefully, he will email me and we will be able to keep in touch.  

Enjoy the flame pics.  We have an Olympic flag that we are going to use with our HBT (Holiday Bible Time.)  Thankfully it arrived in time for today.

(You can see the torch bearer in white just in front of the car.)

(There he is!)

We saw the flame that will burn at the olympics!