The Secret To Long and Peaceful Life

01/05/2016 12:49

In case you think I've found out something original, I haven't. But, I did find the answer and preached on it from Proverbs 3. The answer to long life according to an illustration I used this morning which came from the mouth of an 108 year old woman is to stay away from men and eat a bag of Jelly Babies (sweets) every day. (This was her method.) She was wrong Biblically, but it worked for her apparently. The article did not say whether she had a peaceful life associated with that. The women out there may assume that there was a certain amount of peace in her life without men around. If you want to find the real secret it is found in Proverbs 3:1-12.

Anyway, the Lord gave us a good morning. We appreciate your prayers.