The sun is out!

12/01/2020 13:13

We have "endured" :) some very poor weather lately and it is very nice to see some sunshine right now after some heavy showers this morning. We weren't able to do door to door yesterday because their were wind and rain warning in place. 

God gave us a very good morning and we are thankful to Him for His goodness and help in our ministry. Please pray for a mother in our church, Priscilla, who has been very ill since before Christmas. She is on three weeks of bed rest for a heart condition. We look forward to God restoring her to health in the near future. She is getting better, but it has been a slow process.

I preached this morning on,  "Obey God's Angel" from Exodus 23:20-33.  The point of the message was the need to follow God's angel to the promised prepared place. For Israel it was the promised land and the victory God would give there. For us, it is the victorious Christian life obtained in  much the same way by following Jesus Christ. God helped in our service and your prayers are much appreciated. 

We leave in 20 minutes for our afteroon service at the Trust. (Assisted living facility.) Thank you for your prayers for the many opportunities He has before us today.