The sun is shining again!

11/04/2012 16:32


11 April: Yesterday was an interesting weather day. We started with heavy snow shower and then heavy rain. We ended the day with hail. So, flyers were not a possibility. Thankfully today the weather cleared and it is a gorgeous day. So, this morning I was able to put out flyers. I had a good witnessing opportunity with someone you have all prayed for and to whom we have witnessed many times. I'm hoping that he is close to salvation. Please pray that God will open his heart and that he will put his faith in Jesus.


Three of the Hikin children came over today. The Hikins attended the funeral of a grandfather. His granddaughter, Victoria, has attended our church a handful of times. She lived with her grandfather. Please pray about where she will now live and that we will still have contact with her. Thanks for praying!