The week in review...

28/01/2024 13:12

It was an interesting week. Scotland had two names storms hit it. That meant that the weather on Monday and Tuesday was not great.... at all. We had several trees down by us.  The extra time allowed some necessary research on some ideas for the completion of our sanctuary. We also did some minor works on the property. Katie painted some trim and I took care of a small demolition project for our sound room.

The research had to do with our carpet, chairs, pulpit, and a sanctuary front wall design which we believe will look great when completed. The pulpit is being purchased today down in New Castle. It is an antique. The man collecting it for us is going to refinish it and make some modifications. This will save us about half of the cost (or more) of a new wood pulpit.

We have a trip to England scheduled this week to renew passports. We were able to arrange to meet a chair distributor on the trip and consider God's best for long term capacity seating for our sanctuary.

Wednesday I was able to get out with Pastor Don Dillman to do evangelism in his location. God gave me an opportunity to share the Gospel with a man as we handed out tracts at a local mall. Yesterday, our youngest two boys went with Katie and I to Hatton, Scotland. Pastor Danny Olmstead hit the milestone of 70 years and his wife, Su, had a birthday party for him. It was a great day and we enjoyed the fellowship and fun.

This morning I continued our series, "Thou Art Worthy" with a message from Haggai 1 on, "Worthy of Our Investment." Our attendance was down considerably, but we are thankful for what God did in our hearts. Please pray for God to continue to build His church as He has promised.