This and that....

31/05/2014 18:16

The Lord gave lovely weather for the funeral. Mark was a policeman and the police turn out was incredible. They formed an honor guard on either side of the walkway to the church. Please continue to pray for our friends who lost a loved one.

I had a good opportunity this week to speak with someone for 45 minutes about God. But, Logan and I did door to door today and didn't have any great opportunities to share Christ. I'm reminded that "divine appointments" are God given opportunities. Please continue to pray for these open doors to share Christ.

Katie is doing well. She said at supper that there is still 6 hours for this baby to have a birthday in May. However, there is no sign at this point that the baby is planning on doing that. Thanks for praying for her delivery of this child in God's perfect timing. (I'm sure we'll let you know when he or she comes.)