Throwing out a lifeline.

02/02/2022 12:13

I was able to get out Monday and today (Wednesday) doing flyers. I must be getting whimpy as yesterday was too windy to get out. We had wind speeds close to 50mph most of the day. Thankfully the winds were away today.

God gave me a great divine appointment on Monday. A man had just finished unloading a lot of construction equipment from his truck just as I passed by. Gary is from an hour and a half away on the North West side of Glasgow.

Our conversation was definitely of the Lord and I said that to him. God's timing was perfect as he was just done with his work and able to rest a few minutes as we chatted. He said, "Yes and it has come at a turning point in my life." Gary has turned his life around a bit. He gave me a fist bump as we parted and promised to email me. I had asked him to do that so that I could send him some church details from his area.

Well, praise the Lord, he kept his word and emailed me yesterday. He said, "Thanks for speaking with me but I've ben Catholic for almost 40 years and don't think I can stray form it."

This morning I sent him a lengthy email :) which included details to a missionary friends ministry in Glasgow. Please pray that God would work a miracle of His grace in Gary's life and bring him to saving faith. 

Meanwhile, I put out between 3-4 hundred flyers in these two days and I'd appreciate you praying for God to bring forth lasting fruit from my labours. Thanks for your prayers.