Thursday Night

18/01/2013 11:22

We had a bit lower attendance than normal but the Lord gave us a good night. Our neighbor girl wanted to come so badly that she came despite having two teeth pulled that day. Don't you wish everyone wanted to come to church that badly?

We've had a very cold week with snow staying on the ground since Tuesday. We are hoping for a bit more and it seems likely. The kids are thrilled and their dad is pretty happy as well.

Lord willing, I will get a prayer letter out next week. One prayer request that I'll mention in it is that I've begun working on our visas. Our current visas expire the middle of April. My application was 32 pages long and I get the joy of filling out a total of 7 applications. Please pray for this process to go smoothly. It is time consuming and quite expensive.  Thanks for keeping up with what God is doing in our lives.