Tour guide.... :)

03/03/2013 19:27

We are enjoying having my cousin and two of her friends with us. They arrived yesterday morning. The Lord gave us a gorgeous day yesterday. We were able to get the yard all cleaned up. (The girls were catching up on some much needed sleep yesterday morning.) It was refreshing to get outside.

This morning the girls helped Katie with her Sunday School and 2 nursery ministries.  I preached this morning on Psalm 68:1-9.  If you read my prayer letter, you know that the Lord has been working in my heart with this passage. Interestingly, Spurgeon in his commentary on Psalms, The Treasury of David, records that the Covenanters (Scottish believers who signed the national covenant and were martyred.) sang this Psalm as they went into battle.

Tonight we looked at the end of Acts 2 as we are going through that book.

We are excited about this week. Please pray for journey mercies as we get out and about around Scotland. Please also pray for divine appointments.  We have some specific evangelism planned as well as the daily opportunities that God will give. Thanks for your prayers. God gave us a great day!