Trust Service

12/06/2016 12:54

This is our busy weekend as we have our afternoon service at The Trust. (Assisted Living Facility in Loanhead.) We always enjoy our time with those who attend that afternoon service. I'm going to preach an early Father's day message on Abraham and Isaac.

This morning I preached on, "Look" Good to Look Good from Micah 6:8. Micah told us where to look to find out how to look God in God's sight.

The Lord has given some great divine appointments lately. I enjoyed speaking with 4 teen boys last night as I was out walking. They were very kind to listen as I shared with them truth about God. I also had a great opportunity to speak with a man in my home for an hour and half. He didn't stop by to speak about spiritual things, but he had some great questions about God. He was an atheist a year ago but now believes in a Creator. Please pray for Jason to get saved. I believe that God is at work in Jason's life. Pray that He follows after truth and not error.

Our field administrator, Steve Anderson, and his wife, Martha, will be with us next Sunday. Please pray for them as they are in the UK and Ireland for the next month visiting ministers and their families.