Two divine appointments

17/12/2012 15:56

Katie put some flyers out today during the kids lunch break. The Lord allowed her to chat with some believers whom we know in the community. I'm sure it was of the Lord. I chatted with them last time I was putting out flyers in their area. Both times the husband has been doing some work outside. Please pray for the Lord to work in their hearts.

I put out flyers this afternoon. As I was going along I almost regretted the direction I had chosen. There are more footsteps between houses in the housing schemes where I was walking. Another area would have reached more houses more quickly. But then I also thought that I was thinking humanistically and that God may have a reason for having me go the other way.  

_______ (25) was proof of that. I saw him working outside and started praying for the Lord to guide me as I spoke with him. The Lord gave us a great chat. His wife attends an evangelical church and was saved a few years ago. He said that he has never been interested in religion. After our talk he thanked me for my time and said that it had been informative.  I get excited when God gives an opportunity with someone who has saved family members. It shows God's love for His own. And it also indicates that somebody has been praying for that individual. Please pray for this young couple.  

The Lord continues to provide things for our home. Our guest room is looking nice and we are excited to have our first guest coming in on Wednesday. Kirk, Carrie and Brodrick are coming. And Carrie's mom and brother are flying in that day as well. They are going to spend the night and then head up to Dundee on Thursday. Thanks for praying for our family and ministry.