Two weeks from today!

30/06/2024 13:05

We are two weeks away from the Grand Opening of our sanctuary. We'll have a trial run in there the Wednesday before that date. And, our dedication is Saturday the 13th of July. These are exciting days and it is fun to see the Lord's hand in some details as we pray that we can be ready with everthing on that date.

We have joiners coming tomorrow to bid hanging some doors for us. Another landscaping company is scheduled to cut through concrete and install drain tiles to fix a moisture issue. The baptistry guys are coming later next week. The pulpit restoration is nearly completed. So, praise the Lord!

We had a good Wednesday PM, Youth Activity on Friday (a sister church joined us) and Sunday morning services. It was good to have some church family back this morning that we had not seen in a few weeks. We also presented Bible to two little girls. That is always fun! I preached from 2 Thessalonians 1 on, "Go On for God." It's amazing that the church in Thessalonica existed despite the missionaries being there for a short time and despite the persecution.

Please continue to pray for the many details coming together for the activies of the 13/14 July! Thank you!