Ukrainian Visitor

03/07/2022 16:22

It was a blessing this morning to have another older man from Ukraine visit with us. He's living in the heart of Edinburgh, but took bus out to our area this morning. He joined us for lunch as well. Please pray for God's grace for the many displaced people from the war. It's sad to think that they have to rebuild their lives in another country where many of them do not speak the national language.

This morning was kind of sad. Our college students who have been with us for the last two years, had their last service with us. Please pray for the power of God for Daniel and Emily. Their future plans include one another. :)

This morning in the AM service I preached a topical message on, "Godly Standards." Convictions or standards used to be normal verbage for believers. It seems in our day that this has gone out of vogue. Hopefully only the verbage has changed and not Biblical positions, but I think in many cases both have changed. Please pray that God will ground our church is good convictions.

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