Up and running...

13/08/2012 15:47

I enjoyed getting out this morning in a village near Loanhead and putting out around 300 flyers. As I walked I listened to two messages by Pastor Anthony Slutz.  Praise the Lord for SermonAudio.com! :)

I had a great witnessing opportunity last night.  Please pray for Michelle.  The Lord's hand was very evident in our discussion. I talked to her for at least 20 minutes.

God gave us a special blessing today.  My driver's side mirror was hit by a car on Friday in Dundee.  The mirror was knocked out of the casing and I wasn't able to put it back in correctly.  A garage in Loanhead put it back in for me for no charge. (Isn't God good?)

Thanks for your prayers for us.  We are especially praying for this Sunday PM as Layton Kelly and his family will be with us.  This will be our first missions service.  We are also hoping that many lost will be present.  Please pray.  Thanks.