update on Carl Miller

02/03/2016 15:40

Brother Carl is doing a bit better. I'll put an update below which his wife posted yesterday. Thank you for praying for them.

We've almost put the flyer through all of Loanhead. I went out yesterday and put out a couple hundred. Don Dillman and I put out a couple hundred more today. If I get another chance this week to get out, I should be able to finish. Thank you for praying for this flyer.

"He is settled and must say Prayers were answered. The Heart Specialist at the A&E told Carl that God was truly with him. He responded far better than they expected. He's been put in the Cardiac Care Unit where they are working to get the fluid in his lungs out. Thus far Carl can only sit up on the edge of a bed but the medications are making progress. Wednesday he is scheduled for a scan of the heart to see what damage has been done. Thursday an angeogram is scheduled as they believe he has constricted veins. Your prayers mean so much. I'll keep you posted. Again, thank you."