Update on prayer requests....

24/08/2017 13:00

Thank you for praying about this building. It is a closed door. We are actually thankful that we didn't have to wait too long until finding out. So, until the next opportunity comes along, thank you for praying with us about the need for a permanent home for Free Baptist Church - in God's timing.

We have another interesting prayer request. lt has been our desire since selling our home in Michigan nearly 12 years ago to buy a home in Scotland. A property in which we are greatly interested is available. If God allowed us to get it, you will get to hear a very neat story. However, we don't want our will and love our current residence. So, we'd appreciate your prayers in that regard. Please pray for wisdom about a mortgage and wisdom if we should make an offer.

With all the other excitement, I almost forgot to mention that God gave me a great divine appointment today. Please pray for Alan. He said he would listen to the message I preached this past Sunday. He installed some "smart meters" for our gas and electric utilities. We had a great discussion as he was packing up to leave.