Upon the first day of the week....

18/09/2016 12:48

....we walked to church with 12 children. :) We are enjoying having our extended family with us. My brother in law flew back from his business trip in France to be with us yesterday and most of today. He has another week in France but will get back here next Saturday. They'll then stay until Tuesday of the following week. Schooling went well this week as all of the kids got back to their studies.

We had a good morning. Our visitors from WI are with us for another Sunday. The little girl who visited last week was back today as well. I preached this morning on "Mind Your Mind" from Philippians. It is interesting to note how many times Paul mentions words regarding the mind in that small book. If "joy" wasn't the theme of Philippians then "mind" would be.

God has given us a great day. Thank you for praying.