Urgent Prayer Request for Carl Miller

29/02/2016 17:06

Please pray for friends of ours up in Aberdeen, Carl and Leta Miller. Brother Carl has had a heart attack and is now having heart failure. His wife has put the following update on facebook, "He has had a heart attack at some point in the past few weeks & now has heart failure. His lungs are full of fluid. They have given him a pump with an intravenous drug to open his veins & given him several blood thinners to help drain the fluid from the lungs into his kidneys since his heart can't do it. I haven't seen the cardiologist yet. They had several emergency admissions this morning & since he has been stabilized at the moment, they have gone to help the others. 

He has complained of breathlessness the past few weeks after carrying a box of groceries in that was heavy. He had the 'sharp' pain then that they say was probably the heart attack. If you do not get treated soon as a heart attack hits, the heart gets more & more damaged with time until it 'fails' & can't do what it's supposed to do. He has had pain in his chest off & on for awhile since lifting the box but would play it down to me. He didn't want me to worry!!!! Even last night he wouldn't let me call an ambulance until he felt led to call himself this morning at 6. If he had just kept putting it off he wouldn't have lived!!!!!!!! I asked the Dr if he would pull through & he said they don't like to say. !!!!!!!! So, they told him they will probably do an angiogram tomorrow, but not sure. So, we just have to wait. Please tell everyone to pray for him. I couldn't live without him!!!!!"