Urgent Prayer Request

27/08/2023 13:32

Many of you will be aware that Brother Steve Anderson had a significant health emergency. Yesterday morning about 10:30, Brother Steve had a stroke. We spent the day at the hospital and we were back there this morning as well. We're heading back there this afternoon.

Thankfully, the hopsital is close to our home. Please pray for God's intervention and for all the symptoms to depart. Brother Steve had several good times yesterday when the symptoms would almost all go away. That has not been the case since last evening and into this morning. I last saw him around 9AM and Martha has been with him since then.

Please pray for God's incredible grace and strength. We're surprised, but God is not. Please pray for everyone's eyes to stay on Him and for His goodness and mercy to be seen in tangible ways. One of the ways God's hand was seen is that God put on my heart a very appropriate message which I thought I had prepared for next week. Brother Steve was going to preach our 3 services today. Instead I preached from 1 Samuel 30 on, "From Crisis to Conquest." Tonight I am preaching on the great faith healer, Jesus Christ as we continue our series in the book of Mark. 

It's good at a time like this to know the Shepherds loving care and that has been evident. No doubt, much of HIs grace being observed is due to the fervent prayers of God's people. Please raise your voice with  them and ask for God to do a powerful work of His grace for the Andersons. Your prayers and encouragement to them are much appreciated.

PS. Friday we enjoyed going with the Anderson's to the David Livingstone museum (birthplace.)