Us and 1

20/02/2022 12:53

Well, you don't always get the attendance you hope to get. Today was a day like that. We had several who were unable to be in attendance due to illness. We had one other man and our family present today. I share that to make you aware that sometimes you can have ministry disappointments, but it's ok. God is still good, is still building His church, and has given us numerical encouragement this past week with new contacts. Please keep praying.

I preached a Gospel message this morning on Judas, who was "Born, but not Again." It's amazing how poor a trade Judas made for his soul and for how little it satisfied him.

We very much appreciate your prayers. Mac's cough is much better and God blessed us with a great week of HBC. We also had some good door to door opportunities yesterday. The best opportunity was sharing the Gospel with a Catholic woman. Please pray for fruit that will remain.

PS. We had 8 others plus our family tonight (15 in total) with some still absent due to illness. I thought I'd add that update - so that you don't feel badly for us. We do have a good church family but we need to see everyone get well.